Chief Executive Officer

Todd Harland graduated from the Queensland Police Academy in 1989 and served with distinction in a variety of disciplines until 2004 gaining operational experience in criminal investigations as well as developing and facilitating training and exercises for serving police.

Todd lead the tactical intelligence teams for AUSTRAC in Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia.  He has worked with significant Australian corporations from the banking, gambling and foreign exchange sectors along with smaller businesses such as remitters, pubs & clubs, digital currency exchanges, investment fund managers and others.

Financial Crimes Consultants

Gavin Durbin

Gavin Durbin graduated from Robert Gordon’s University, Aberdeen in 1985 with a degree in Institutional Management. Gavin lived in Switzerland for 3 years and in 1988 moved to Australia, becoming a citizen in 1992.  Gavin enjoyed a stellar 11 year career with AUSTRAC leading teams around Australia educating over 1,000 people impacted by the AML/CTF laws.  He was also responsible for leading technical assistance and training teams throughout 17 African nations to help them implement AML/CTF laws.

Julian Hunn

Julian has over 20 years of financial crime experience gained from working in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Julian’s focus is on financial crime strategy and operations and has held various senior compliance roles at HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Standard Chartered Bank, Jefferies International and Westpac.  He holds a MBA from the University of QLD and a Criminal Justice Degree from Griffith University along with numerous other qualifications. Julian is a member of the GRC and a Fellow of the International Compliance Association.

Kevin Wright

In 2007 Kevin started his career in AUSTRAC on the outreach and sensitisation project for AUSTRAC’s reporting entities.  He subsequently moved into the Compliance Division, working with banks, money services businesses, cash carriers analysing their AML/CTF practices and procedures.

Kevin also worked in AUSTRAC’s intelligence unit as a Senior Liaison Officer working with law enforcement and intelligence agencies. In this role he provided financial intelligence and training services. In addition to providing bespoke training on emerging money laundering threats, Kevin also represented AUSTRAC on a number of joint agencies groups involved with criminal and regulatory investigations.