Buddhist nun suspected of money laundering

In an unusual case of what you see is not always what you get, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) want to seize more than $4.3 million from a Buddhist nun’s bank accounts because they suspect she is a member of an international money laundering syndicate.

Police are alleging the nun attempted to disguise the various cash deposits into Australian bank accounts by making them at a variety of branches throughout Victoria and New South Wales.  During the placement stage of the alleged money laundering, 78 cash deposits were structured to be under the $10,000 reporting threshold. Also it is alleged that telegraphic transfers and a money changer in Hong Kong were also used to make the deposits from off-shore.

The 78 deposits amounted to over $600,000 while the entire amount in the nuns bank accounts was approximately $4 million.

This article raises some pretty clear red flag indicators for reporting entities and intelligence agencies to track to conduct their inquiries as to whether or not the behaviour is suspicious.

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US cracks down on wildlife poaching

There is a growing ground swell of support for action to be taken with regards to the massive spike in illegal wildlife poaching and smuggling.  The US ABC News network has published an article demonstrating that the US is keen to be heavily involved.

The funds raised from all forms of wildlife poaching, particularly killing elephants and rhinoceros for their tusks and horns, is big business which raises significant funds.  These profits are now known to be used by terrorist organisations to pay for their operations.  The reason for any criminal syndicate to commit crimes is simply for profit and terrorist organisations are no different.  They require these funds for all sections of their operation from the very basic logistical needs of food, shelter and transport all the way to through the purchase of weapons and maintenance of training facilities.


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